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Applications: Facade insulation in old buildings: Three buildings in Hofheim am Taunus

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Kind of insulation: Facade insulation
Construction IGRT (Bochum), PDREI (Mühltal), Variotec (Neumarkt), IWU (Darmstadt), ift (Rosenheim)
Contact: M. Großklos, Institut Wohnen und Umwelt IWU,
VIP product: Variotec Sandwichelemente GmbH
Location: Hofheim am Taunus
Date of realization: 2006
Funding: German Ministry for Economics and Technology and the Hessian Ministry for Economics, Transport and Infrastructure

Description of the construction: The facades of three buildings adjacent to the road were insulated with prefabricated, floor-to-ceiling elements with integrated VIPs. The windows had already been integrated into the facade elements. The VIPs are 4 cm thick. The outer casing plates were mounted on-site. The elements were produced by Variotec Sandwichelemente.

Figure 1: Assembling the elements. Here, the VIPs (protected on both sides) are being fixed to the base plate.
Figure 2: Cross-section of the element
Figure 3: On-site installation of the elements

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