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Increasing the confidence in VIP technology
- scientific supporting research -

High performance thermal insulation elements based on vacuum insulation panels VIP show a 5 to 10 times higher insulation effect compared with standard insulation materials. For several years they are also used in building applications. However, this insulating technology is afflicted with some specific features. The aim of the scientific accompanying research, the project VIP-PROVE, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, was to diminish existing obstacles for a widespread application of this new technology. In particular should be met to the deep mistrust, concerning the intactness of the vacuum cover by the processing in the building practise, as well as the lasting quality of the vacuum in the panels. To strengthen the trust in VIP's technology following tasks were carried out:

      - check / proof of the practise suitability by monitoring,
      - supporting measures to the proof of secure quality,
      - transfer of the R&D results in the education and continuing education of professional planners, architects and craftsmen,
      - consolidated processing of information and spreading of information.

29 predominantly commercially realised objects with a total area of 8206 m2 of installed vacuum insulation panels were available for the monitoring. Different fields of application with panels of all manufacturers in Germany were considered. From 3224 m2 thermo-graphically examined VIP in 19 objects a total of 12.8% was classified to be conspicuous. Besides, three objects in the statistical evaluation particularly got out of line. If one skips these three objects in the evaluation well-founded, the portion of conspicuous panels decreases to a total of 4.9%. About 95% were unobtrusive therefore. All together in particular the installation of the VIP seems critical; once intactly in the building envelope integrated in all application fields the technology seems to function properly. Unusual, not expected ageing phenomena or even destroying mechanisms could not be detected, even for the oldest application (> 10 years).

Detailed results of this project are currently only available in German.

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