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Applications: Facade insulation in new buildings: New, detached house in Ravensburg

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Kind of insulation: Facade insulation
Construction: Albert Hangleiter GmbH & Co. KG, Ravensburg, Germany
Contact: Dipl.-Ing (TU) M. Hangleiter, Phone: ++49 751 36160-0
VIP product: WACKER CERAMICS, Kempten
Location: Ravensburg, Germany
Date of realization: May 2004
Funding: German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour, Funding Ref.: 0327321 C

Description of the construction: In this project, VIPs were laid onto fresh cement and held in place with a few anchors to produce prefabricated concrete elements. Due to the special design of the elements, VIPs can be replaced at any time, if necessary. The elements provide a very slim construction with few thermal bridges (U-value = 0.15 W/m²K) and due to the fact that they are prefabricated, installation is facilitated and a high degree of quality assured.

Figure 1: Plan of the house with prefabricated concrete elements. The horizontal and vertical framework necessary for mounting the VIPs is easily recognizable.
Figure 2: Intended design for the prefabricated wall elements. An average U-value of 0.15 W/m²K is achieved with a total thickness of only 27 cm.
Figure 3: Photo of a prefabricated wall element

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