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Applications: Facade insulation in new buildings: Semi-detached house in Munich

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Kind of insulation: Insulation of the outside walls of a new, wooden house
Construction: Planning and execution supervision: Lichtblau Architects, Munich
Contact: Florian Lichtblau,
VIP product: WACKER CERAMICS, Kempten
Location: A new semi-detached house in Munich
Date of realization: January 2002
Funding: Bavarian State Ministry of Economics, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology

Description of the construction: A solid, wooden, lowest-energy house was built whereby the highly-efficient insulation was realized with slim and architectonically high-grade constructions. The structure permits defect VIPs to be replaced. The U-value of the wall, which has a total thickness of less than 20 cm, is only 0.14 W/(m²K). To minimize thermal bridges it was necessary to use customized VIPs. Figure 2 depicts the wall construction. The majority of VIPs measured 100 x 105 x 4 cm3. VIPs were also integrated into the roof and the front door.

Figure 1: South view of the house. Vertical collectors are integrated between the French windows.
Figure 2: Cross-section of the wall.
Figure 3: Infrared image of the north-east corner of the building. A non-insulated old house can be seen in the background. The thermal bridges of the wooden substructure can clearly be recognized.

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