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Applications: Facade insulation in new buildings: Passive house in Petrisberg

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Kind of insulation: Facade insulation with polystyrene-lined vacuum insulation panels
Construction: Sto AG, Stühlingen
Contact: Sto AG, Markus Zwerger,
VIP product: va-Q-tec AG
Location: House exhibition, Petrisberg, Trier
Date of realization: 2004
Funding: Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour 0327321 J

Description of the construction: Twelve terraced houses designed with innovative technology have been built for a house exhibition within the framework of the Trier Garden Show 2004. The passive houses designed by the architects Lamberty, Schmitz & Hoffmann utilize polystyrene-lined VIPs from Sto AG. These 20 mm thick VIPs are lined at the front and back with polystyrene. The panels fit flush and therefore create only a minimum of thermal bridges.

Figure 1: View of the passive house with lined VIPs. The black facade has conventional, 30 cm thick insulation to demonstrate the difference in thickness compared to the red facade insulated with VIPs.
Figure 2: Cross-section of the wall.
Figure 3: Lined VIPs being mounted onto the facade.

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