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Applications: Terraces: Detached house in Zossen

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Kind of insulation: Terrace/roof insulation
Construction: C. Hasse & Sohn GmbH & Co, Sternstraße 10, 29525 Uelzen
Contact: Michael Schwarz, Sternstraße 10, 29525 Uelzen (Tel. 0581-97 353 143)
VIP product: Porextherm Dämmstoffe GmbH
Location: New detached house with roof terrace in Zossen (near Berlin)
Date of realization: July 2004
Funding: -

Description of the construction: C. Hasse & Sohn integrated VIP elements into a waterproof roof system (Kubidritt-SlimRoof-System), whereby each individual component, from the moisture barrier to the waterproofing, was optimized. The roof is designed on the basis of a non-ventilated roof. There are two layers of VIPs (2x15 mm) arranged to minimize edge effects.

Figure 1: First layer of VIPs being laid on the self-adhesive moisture barrier system Hassolan Duo (wall joints and threshhold with construction insulation).
Figure 2: Second layer of VIPs being laid in a different alignment to the first. The VIPs are fixed with self-adhesive tape. The two VIP layers (each 15 mm thick) ensure an insulation efficiency in line with DIN 4108-2 even if the vacuum is no longer in tact.
Figure 3: Forming the gutter with polyurethane insulation boards and the wall joint with perpendicular insulation made from phenolic resin foam.

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