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Applications: Insulation in jamb-crossbar constructions: Intregated facade element

Information in pdf format (520 KB)  
Kind of insulation: Integrated facade element
Construction: Metallbau Ralf Boetker GmbH
Contact: Andree Ebert,
VIP product: ZAE Bayern, Würzburg
Location: ZAE Bayern, Würzburg
Date of realization: February 2000
Funding: DBU

Description of the construction: A slim facade system was developed which was insulated with vacuum panels and includes a radiator. The facade element represented here is only 24 mm thick. A 20 mm thick VIP is sandwiched between two aluminium plates (3 mm and 1 mm thick) and fixed inside a frame. Inside this system there are two VIPs measuring 50 cm x 100 cm. Although the U-value in the centre is only 0.24 W/(m²K), the U-value of the system is 1 W/(m²K).

Figure 1: View of the integrated facade element from inside the room.
Figure 2: Cross-section of the facade element without heating. The jamb-crossbar construction can be seen on the right hand side. The VIP is cut off on the left side.
Figure 3: A Finite-Element-Programme was used to simulate the temperatures shown in this cross-section. The temperatures are colour-coded and the isotherms drawn in.

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